The Cleopatra Effect is a transformative 3-day course that explores every aspect of how a woman presents herself in today’s world; from how she looks, to how she feels, and to what she believes. On a physical level she’s styled to reveal the best version of herself. On a soul level she discovers what’s been holding her back and is then given a unique formula to change any circumstance in her life. She leaves the course with courage and confidence to become the woman she’s entitled to be: a true modern day queen, beautiful deep down to her soul.

The course takes inspiration from ‘Cleopatra’ the iconic Egyptian queen. A woman well ahead of her time, Cleopatra believed in herself and saw herself as an equal to men, always finding the solution to get what she wanted. Despite being deeply spiritual, she didn’t leave her destiny in the hands of the Gods and instead created the life she wanted by valuing herself and believing she was entitled to have it all. Charismatic, brilliant to look at and listen to with an innate power to captivate her audience, Cleopatra is a timeless role model for every woman.

The Cleopatra Effect course gives women the tools and knowledge on how to become a modern day Cleopatra; a high valued woman that oozes self-confidence, self- love and self-respect, who’s empowered yet open hearted, who’s living her purpose, attracting the life she wants, trusting in the universe, taking inspired action and full responsibility for the choices she makes whilst remaining appreciative for all that she has.

Unlike any other course or programme, the Cleopatra Effect cleverly combines teachings of science with spirituality, making woman look at both their external and internal worlds with a fresh perspective, leaving the course with a committed plan on how to look after their mind, body and soul. It’s timing is perfectly devised knowing exactly when to go in deep and exactly when to lighten up and apply some lipstick or put on some uplifting music.

The course is intensive but full of integrity, teaching women to take the drama out of their lives and start ruling their kingdom from the moment they leave the course… and the results are simply life changing.


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